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FAQs Costs


What are your basic costs?

PJR’s standard rate per man-day varies by standard/scope. Please check with a PJR project manager for exact pricing.

How are registration audit costs determined?

All registrars are obligated to follow international guidelines on man-day requirements for the standard in question. Registration audit quotations are based on the estimated time the audit will take. Major factors used in determining the time include: size of the facility to be audited; number of employees and complexity of the operation (number of shifts, number of product lines, nature of the product produced).

Can you provide a sample of costs so we can estimate the fees that would apply to our situation?

Yes, PJR can supply a time-cost grid that will provide a general range for estimating registration costs.

What about surveillance costs?

PJR quotes surveillance costs at the time of the original quotation. A surveillance is a sampling of the quality system that verifies continued system maintenance. Generally, a surveillance will require 25% to 33% of the time required for the original audit.

How are travel costs billed?

Travel, lodging and per diem are billed at cost. Since PJR has auditors all across the country, our aim is always to select the closest auditor to the client’s facility, thereby keeping travel costs to a minimum.

Do you charge a “certification fee”?

Yes. There is a one-time certification fee (good for the three years’ duration of the certificate):

  • $280.00 for facilities with 1-99 employees.
  • $380.00 for facilities with 100-499 employees.
  • $530.00 for facilities with 500+ employees.

There is also an annual file maintenance fee based on the same breakdown as above. Special accreditation seals and/or special standards’ requirements may add to your audit costs; see your account executive for details.

Can you provide a cost breakdown for the following areas?

  • Preparation and initial visit
  • Review of Quality Policy Manual
  • Review of revisions to the Quality Policy Manual
  • Preliminary evaluation
  • Pre-assessment
  • Report processing
  • First-year surveillance
  • Second-year surveillance
  • Third-year surveillance
  • Costs-per-day for on-site visits
  • Any other charges

See quotation.