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Hurricane Preparedness

The National Standard for Facility Hurricane Preparedness

The objective of this standard is to help organizations develop a system to become better organized before, during and after a hurricane. The assessment of your level of hurricane preparedness will determine the ability of your organization to assure business continuity, reduce confusion and minimize the potential for injury, cost for recovery and downtime before resuming normal operations.

Organizations certified to this standard will enjoy many benefits, including:

  • Decreased potential for damages and injuries from hurricanes
  • Higher than expected production capacities after a hurricane
  • A disciplined response to catastrophe
  • Ability to proclaim to their customers that their supply chain will less likely be broken after a hurricane
  • Potential eligibility for reduced insurance premiums
  • Higher level of social responsibility toward their employees and community
  • Lower levels of employee anxiety
  • Reduced doubt about their state of preparedness
  • Being a leader within the community they serve