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FAQs BS 25999

BS 25999

What is BS 25999?

BS 25999 is a published document that acts as both a Code of Practice (description of what should be done) and a Specification (requirements for judging conformance with the required practices). Taken together the two sections describe the principles, methods, terminology, and concepts of continuity planning and business resiliency.

The document has two sections. BS 25999 Part 1 was released in November of 2006 and is largely based on Publically Available Specification 56 (PAS 56). Part 1 makes recommendation while Part 2 describes the requirements for a “Best Practice” Continuity Plan.

Since the document includes an exact specification, it is possible to objectively judge an organization’s compliance with the specified practices and determine if they meet the minimum requirements. This judgment is the basis of the BS 25999 Certification that Perry Johnson Registrars will be authorized to issue.

Is BS 25999 an International Standard?

The designation “BS 25999” stands for British Standard and as such has not achieved the same level of endorsement as other standards published by the International Standards Organization (ISO). However, because the document was developed in combination and collaboration with many organizations around the world it is the accepted De Facto standard in this field.

A compliance certification in BS 25999 is recognized around the world and would be accepted by any organization as an indication of high achievement. As such, it offers the only option for organizations that are seeking universal recognition of their Continuity plan.

What is the basis of the certification evaluation?

Accredited organizations such as Perry Johnson Registrars will follow the certification guidelines published in ISO 17021. This implies a two stage audit review. Stage 1 is primarily focused on documentations while Stage 2 seeks to test, verify and validate adherence to the standard using the guidelines presented in ISO 17021.

Are there recognized benefits to certification?

Yes, although the benefits are dependant on the nature of the underlying business, the organization’s location and the sophistication of its trading partners and clients. For example, in the aerospace, automotive and general manufacturing markets a great deal of attention is being given to the issue of business resiliency accreditation; due in large part to the importance of supply chain operating integrity. Healthcare, Financial Services, Transportation/Distribution, the Hospitality Industry as well as the field of Energy Production and Transmission are other examples of sophisticated markets that value and appreciate the significance of BS 25999.

Is BS 25999 just for private sector organizations?

No! Government agencies, NGOs and other types of operations would all benefit from this process.

How does an organization obtain BS 25999 certification?

By applying to an organization that has passed the rigorous standards imposed by internationally recognized Certification Bodies and has been accredited to conduct an audit and, assuming the organization under review meets all requirements, is then entitled to issue a certification certificate.

How much does it cost to become certified?

As you would expect, cost is dependent on the complexity of the task. Larger, multi-site organizations should expect the review process to be more costly than small, single site location. Contact a Perry Johnson Registrars representative for more information.

How long does an audit take to complete?

Here again the issue is a function of the size of the organization, its physical locations. Fortunately, as one of the largest and most successful organizations of its type in the world, Perry Johnson Registrars has a staff of audits that can be deployed to work on projects around the world. By drawing on its team of experienced auditors, the firm keeps travel and other expenses to a minimum.

What happens if my firm doesn’t pass the audit?

In the event that a firm is found to be out of compliance with the BS 25999 specification, a detailed report will be issues highlighting areas of both major and minor deficiency. Even if the firm passes the audit, a report highlighting areas of improvement will be issued.

Can I obtain a copy of the BS 25999 specification?

Yes, it is available for sale on the internet.

Can I obtain a copy of the BS 25999 audit module?

No, this is a proprietary document and is not available for sale.

What if I need help in preparing for an audit?

Perry Johnson Registrars does not provide consulting services since to do so would be a conflict of interest. However, the firm is acquainted with several internationally recognized firms that do provide consulting in this area and can provide a reference list on request.

Is there a Pre-Audit document I can review?

A Perry Johnson Registrars representative can put you in touch with a number of consulting firms that offer a low cost, pre audit review as a way of gauging your firm’s readiness.

How do I get started?

Contact your local PJR office to obtain an application form.