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What is BS 25999?

BS 25999 is a published document that acts as both a Code of Practice (description of what should be done) and a Specification (requirements for judging conformance with the required practices). Taken together the two sections describe the principles, methods, terminology, and concepts of continuity planning and business resiliency.

The document has two sections. BS 25999 Part 1 was released in November of 2006 and is largely based on Publically Available Specification 56 (PAS 56). Part 1 makes recommendation while Part 2 describes the requirements for a “Best Practice” Continuity Plan.

Since the document includes an exact specification, it is possible to objectively judge an organization’s compliance with the specified practices and determine if they meet the minimum requirements. This judgment is the basis of the BS 25999 Certification that Perry Johnson Registrars will be authorized to issue.

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